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colin1 Hi, I’m Colin Peters, I was literally born and raised on the water amongst musicians, and folks with backgrounds in recording and radio, so I caught 'The Bug' very early in life.

With my pocket money, I bought my first transistor radio, so I could listen to my favourite Radio Station: Radio Veronica on 192 meters medium wave. August 31st, 1974 was a sad day for a lot of teenagers and I was one of them.

While the other stations stopped broadcasting, Radio Mi Amigo continued.

When I tuned in, I really had to get used to their way of presenting. No more familiar voices or programs. Imagine... there was no commercial radio anywhere else, no 'horizontal programming'.

When I got my first job -in aviation- I bought two old Sony turntables and a mixer and started playing records in my room. After a while I sold those turntables again and this would bring me in contact with someone who operated a 'very' local FM station in our village and who would later become a friend for life. This is where I made my first live programs and I was the first who wanted to read the news.

From there it went on and on, but the sea kept calling. I found out where the office for this new offshore radio station 'Radio Monique' was based. To my surprise it was actually very close to my home. MV Ross RevengeSo I took some bold steps and went in.

Christmas 1986 was my first trip out on the tender, the beautiful 'Bellatrix', all the way from Den Oever, Holland, in a gale force 8.

colin2The next afternoon I saw in real life, what was to me the most beautiful Radio Ship on the planet. Almost falling over backwards looking up to the top of the mast. The rest is a good book to read if ever I get to write it. :D

After years of doing audio- but mainly video engineering for television, theatre and conferences, with the occasional flirt with radio, doing production work for the Dutch radio program 'Top 2000', I heard someone uses my name on the radio and reacted to them jokingly: "Hey, that's me!".

The ball started rolling and our Capt’n Kord took me on board. I'm very happy to be here on Radio Mi Amigo, between my old shipmates from the 'Ross Revenge', but also with guys from other great Radio-ships.


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