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You may send your answers now, before February 16.

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Winter competition 2018

Great prizes will be available again for the winners of our Winter Competition 2018-2019, that runs between November 23 and February 10.

What you can win:
  • A SDR receiver from SDRplay
  • A full year subscription of magazines Practical Wireless and RadioUser
  • The iBook 'Pirate Radio Ships in the 70s by Lion Keezer
  • 'Laser Radio Programming' and 'Radio Adventures of the MV Communicator' by Paul Rusling
  • 'The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl and More' by Dave Thompson
  • A trip for 2 to Radio Caroline's ship the Ross Revenge and a meet-and greet with the DJs in the live studio.

How to enter:

Every week, from Friday till Sunday, our DJs will give you a 'Question of the Week'
(...and maybe a clue or two, that's in all our presented weekend shows...)

Clues and questions that shouldn't be too hard for you to solve, if you listen regularly to one or two of our our weekend programs over the next 3 months, you can't miss them.

All you have to do is write down and save your answers and send them to us by email after the end of the competition: between February 10 and february 15.

Winners will be drawn from the entries with the most right answers, so you even can win if you don't have all the answers, just make sure you have as many of them right!

The competition runs from November 23, 2018 until February 10, 2019 you'll get 1 new question every week, starting week 47, on Friday, November 23.

Again, it is really simple: just answer as many questions as you can, and send them by email to: -between February 10 and 15.

Good luck, and make sure you listen to our weekend shows!
It is going to be a great radio Mi Amigo winter...

UPDATE 10. February 2019: The competition will close soon, you may now enter your answers in the form below and press send to enter the competition


Your name: | From:

E-mail address:

QUESTION WEEK 47 (23 November):

Name 2 Radio Stations that broadcast from the Mi Amigo?

QUESTION WEEK 48 (30 November):

Name two members of the Beatles who helped financing broadcasting from the MV Mi Amigo.

QUESTION WEEK 49 (7 December)

In the early day's of Radio Mi Amigo, programmes were recorded in Spain . .Where (in what village ?)

QUESTION WEEK 50 [15 December]

Radio Mi Amigo International broadcasts on 6085 kiloHerz Shortwave .. but in which German town is the Transmitter Site? Where are our transmitters and antenna’s located?

QUESTION WEEK 51 [22 December]

Paul Graham is one of our DJ's here on Radio Mi Amigo International. Paul’s first Broadcast was in 1968 but on which Radio Station? On what station was Paul’s first broadcasting job?

QUESTION WEEK 52 [29 December]

Ron O'Quinn was a regular voice on Radio Mi Amigo International until he retired recently. He started his career in the United States, but in 1966 Ron moved to Europe and became the Programme Director of which Offshore Radio station?

QUESTION WEEK 1 [5 January]

Radio Mi Amigo Broadcasts on a number of Shortwave Frequencies. Our Main frequency is 6085 kiloHerz, but can you name one of the 2 others we use?

QUESTION WEEK 2 [12 January ]

On the Radio Mi Amigo Website there are a number of Video's .. one features the owner of Radio Mi Amigo in 1974 … who was he? What was his name?

QUESTION WEEK 3 [19 January ]

Radio Mi Amigo International Broadcasts out of Germany using a number of Shortwave Transmitters .. but what make are they? Do you know the make of our German Shortwave transmitters?

QUESTION WEEK 4 [26 January ]

Radio Mi Amigo International DJ Lion Keezer, apart from being one of the DJ's on Radio Caroline, became a journalist and editor for a leading Dutch/German monthly music magazine .. what was the name of that magazine?

QUESTION WEEK 5 [2 February]

From time to time Radio Mi Amigo International does one of It's special high power Shortwave Broadcasts to the world. There’s a video on the Web Site of people listening all the way in Asia, but on which Island?

QUESTION WEEK 6 [9 February]

Radio Mi Amigo International Broadcasts from Germany on Shortwave .. what is the name of the Company that runs our Transmitters?

    before February 16!

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