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wim1 As a little boy, I was quickly seized by the phenomenon of Radio. When listening to the sea stations I had the same feeling, here I want to participate too.

First from my parents' house in the attic with my own radio studio and transmitter. Later on radio Benelux for Hilversum and surroundings.

Then I got the chance to participate in radio Mi Amigo 272. On 26 June 1979 I boarded the Magdalena which was anchored at 12 miles off the coast of Belgium.

As the first live DJ I was allowed to open the station at 1 pm on July 1, 1979. To my great regret the sea channel adventure did not last long because unfortunately I was also the last live DJ on September 19 at 22:00 at the closing of club 33.

In the years after that I got to know my wife, children , worked, pulled my camper through Europe and I was allowed to work on several radio stations on land including Dynex radio for Almere and surroundings.

In 2016 I switched to radio 036, the local channel for Almere. And then came the chance to be allowed to participate in radio Mi Amigo International ...... where I now have the opportunity to present "Rock over Europe" every weekend. I am smooth to be "back home"!

the MV Magdalena in 1979 off the Belgian coastt wim-magdalena

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